Issue: For the last week or so, eBay's bulk shipping label function refuses to print international labels alongside domestic labels. I get an error that the very end that says the labels cannot be printed. I have to back out to the Sold page and print each one individually. I'm not shipping to anyplace unusual -- mainland Europe mostly. Waste of time because I have to re-enter all the weights and customs info.
By: yesmikan
Are you experiencing this issue?

moonmyst Thumbs Down
November 13, 2017
  10:31 AM
Like I've been saying for years, use a 3rd party to print labels. How anyone could rely on or trust eBay to do ANYTHING right is beyond me.

yesmikan Thumbs Up
November 15, 2017
  07:00 AM
OP here, I'm still having this problem as of 11/15. moonmyst -- I would use Paypal MultiOrder Shipping but sadly it is just as crappy with constant XML errors every single day.

dans parts Thumbs Up
November 30, 2017
  10:31 AM
Still broken on 11/28.

That Guy Thumbs Up
December 02, 2017
  10:29 AM