Issue: I had an item not received claim that was closed when the item arrived. eBay stated "[...]the date scan is after your stated shipping and handling time." However, I actually shipped a day EARLIER than my handling time. Also, eBay stated "[a]ny remaining funds from this PayPal transaction are available." However, the funds are NOT available. An eBay rep told me to wait 24 hours, which I did, and the funds are still not available. Now ANOTHER eBay rep tells me to wait 72 hours!
By: lessthanthreerecords
Are you experiencing this issue?

a_c_green Verified
November 06, 2017
  12:58 PM
Call PayPal to see if they can lift the hold for you. They're the ones holding the funds, after all.

Marie Verified
November 07, 2017
  13:49 PM
Yes, be proactive, simply call PP, your funds should have been available within moments of Ebay closing the INR.

moonmyst Thumbs Down
November 09, 2017
  08:48 AM
Ditto that. Don't be afraid to call PayPal. They always have the time to listen and help.

Volvo351 Verified
November 09, 2017
  09:26 AM
The Hoe holding your money? Impossible; he's such a Stand Up guy!