Issue: Receiving Paypal notifications of payment received for items on ebay...but no notifications from ebay...AND the items are still showing as active and for sale on ebay...NOT GOOD...something bad is going on today with ebay....
By: Scotty
Are you experiencing this issue?

Cargo11 Verified
November 05, 2017
  18:30 PM
Make SURE - log in another page to your Paypal account to see if any item is paid for - normally Paypal NEVER sends you an email to tell you someone has bought something on Ebay - it could be a scam.  Phishing is normally.  Log in another page / tab and go directly to Paypal to see if something was purchased - if so then you can call Paypal and see what the problem is. If you only received an email noting SOLD - it probably is not - and someone scammer-wise is phishing. 

lessthanthreerecords Verified
November 05, 2017
  20:15 PM
I always check to make sure the funds are in PayPal, as Cargo11 suggests, but I always get an e-mail from PayPal when I get a payment both for eBay transactions and non-eBay transactions. The fact that PayPal lets you know you got paid for an eBay item is not in itself a red flag for phishing.