Issue: Phone number to contact Ebay customer service (shown at the end of a flowchart for buyer issues) does not work, gets "cannot be connected" error.
By: Abernathy
Are you experiencing this issue?

Volvo351 Thumbs Up
August 15, 2017
  23:29 PM
Not surprised. The number used to be rather easily found; they removed it from many of their pages. I guess the Filipino's don't want to be disturbed while they're enjoying their once-daily bowl of rice!

RL15 Verified
August 16, 2017
  11:06 AM
thats one way to get the CSR's to stop the lies, you can't call, they can't lie.

Marie Verified
August 16, 2017
  20:22 PM
Just google it.  It is the easiest and quickest way to find it. 1 (866) 540-3229