Issue: eBay Payment & Checkout not functioning.
By: iBuyers
Are you experiencing this issue?

mb Thumbs Up
July 09, 2015
  08:53 AM
error message "Checkout is currently unavailable, so you won't be able to pay for your items right now. Please pay for your items later. We apologize for the inconvenience."

pro-spin Thumbs Up
July 09, 2015
  08:57 AM
Trying to buy a book and keep getting this error message Your request could not be processed at this time. Trying to call and wait time is 44 minutes.

akik Thumbs Up
July 09, 2015
  08:58 AM
Same here. I get "Your request couldn't be processed a t this time" and "error 70005" The problem also exists on ebay UK and

iBuyers Thumbs Up
July 09, 2015
  09:03 AM
We spoke with HVAs CS, it's a global issue.

Ina Verified
July 09, 2015
  11:39 AM
Thanks so much for reporting this, I posted your reports on the EcommerceBytes Blog

Frank F Verified
July 09, 2015
  16:03 PM
Such a sorry azzes pathetic company!  Sales are at all time lows and instead of taking action on the BIG problems they have, they make changes that impact the entire site.  NO DOUBT, this was to enable something like the hide description test LOL or some other feeble and worthless change.  This company really needs to get a change control and change risk assessment process in place and FAST!!!