Issue: Who is Richard Brezovec? This name is showing up on eBay shipping payments in Pay Pal. I see that this was once an old issue & now this is back again. Is this still a Pay Pal glitch or eBay?

By: amazedndazed
Are you experiencing this issue?

rstpete Thumbs Up
July 08, 2015
  09:25 AM
Seeing the same here. 

That Guy Thumbs Up
July 08, 2015
  10:25 AM
I see 'Richard Brezovec' on my Paypal statement when I purchase a shipping label through eBay. I also see 'Treasury Account Administrator' on my Paypal statement when I pay my eBay seller fees.

a_c_green Verified
July 08, 2015
  14:22 PM
Richard Brezovec is eBay's "Data Loss Prevention Manager." Yes, really. Ref:‚Äč9/362

Linda Thumbs Up
July 08, 2015
  17:12 PM
I get Treasury Account Analyst AND Richard B's name. Varies per shipment!

moonmyst Thumbs Down
July 09, 2015
  08:51 AM
I've never used PayPal or eBay to ship. They get enough of my money!