California AG Sues Amazon for Stifling Competition

California’s Attorney General filed a lawsuit in Superior Court in San Francisco against Amazon on September 14 alleging it stifled competition and caused increased prices through “anticompetitive contracting practices.” The timing of the filing coincided with the first day of the 2-day Amazon seller conference in Seattle, possibly a deliberate choice knowing sellers were likely […]

Is Amazon Punishing Sellers Victimized by Fake Review Sites?

Some sellers are feeling the fallout from lawsuits Amazon filed last month against two websites it claimed were attempting to profit from generating “misleading and fraudulent reviews.” Amazon began removing some listings for sellers’ products featured on one of those sites, Rebatest, but sellers say they weren’t even familiar with the website and did not […]

Fanatics Gobbles Topps: Heartburn for Sports Retailers? eBay?

As Fanatics gobbles Topps, does it spell heartburn for sports retailers? And possibly for eBay? CNBC reported that the Fanatics wants to sell trading cards directly to consumers. “For example, should collectors purchase a trading card, they’ll be able to insure the asset, grade, store and even put cards on a marketplace to sell or […]

eBay Reinstates Power Seller after Hue and Cry

Sellers were stunned when eBay suspended the account of a well known Power Seller, and eBay has since reinstated the account after a hue and cry from the eBay community. The reinstatement is rare, and its circumstances somewhat mysterious. eBay has been handing out indefinite and permanent suspensions frequently since the summer in what appears […]