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Despite Seller Pushback, Amazon Revises Buyer-Cancellation Process

Despite Seller Pushback, Amazon Revises Buyer-Cancellation Process

Despite protests from sellers when Amazon announced a new way of notifying sellers of buyer cancellation requests, the company began implementing the change last week, it announced yesterday.

Amazon had informed sellers in February that it would no longer send the cancelation-request notices through the buyer-seller messaging system as of April. At the time, Amazon explained:

“We received feedback from many of you that you would like to have a better process to cancel orders without having to search for buyer cancelation requests in the Buyer-Seller messaging tool. You shared that it can be easy to miss seeing cancelation requests because they get lost among multiple buyer-seller messages, which if left unattended can result in product returns and refunds.”

In April, Amazon delayed implementation of the policy and provided additional information, including informing sellers it would continue to send notification of all buyer-initiated order cancellation requests through email (but not through messaging).

In this week’s announcement, Amazon said it had started to rollout the new experience for Buyer Requested Cancellations on May 19 which it expected to be finalized by May 29.

During the transition, buyers are able to submit cancellation requests through the Buyer Seller Messages or through the new cancellation experience through the Manage Order page, so Amazon advised sellers to monitor both the Buyer Seller Messages and the manage orders page throughout the rollout phase.

Sellers reacting to Wednesday’s announcement said it was onerous to scroll through manage order pages looking for possible cancellation requests. One seller offered a solution: “They should make a drop down filter where the other filters are for cancellation requests, that way you filter by that instead of scrolling through all orders. Seems pretty simple to me.”

Another explained, “I’d rather go through 10 messages than 150 orders to locate cancellation requests.”

“There should also be a way to default cancellations at the top of the order list to ensure cancellations are visible to sellers. This should be done immediately,” said another.

Sellers are already worried the change is leading to a hit to their performance metrics.

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One thought on “Despite Seller Pushback, Amazon Revises Buyer-Cancellation Process”

  1. Typical stupid Amazon wasting time and resources on something that isn’t broken. I agree with the poster in the article, there was nothing wrong with getting cancellations via Amazon messages. Now it’s just horrible, they’re just highlighted in yellow on the Manage Orders Page and stupid Amazon couldn’t even put a checkbox or filter that allows you select only the orders that have cancellation requests. Over this long weekend, we’re estimating 2000 orders so I’m apparently supposed to just look thru (or Cntl + F) thru the Manage Orders page to look for these cancel requests. Why fix something that nobody wanted fixed? It’s so obvious that none of the morons that work at Amazon have ever sold anything online before. How about fix the fact that fraud customers are allowed to claim non-delivery on signed and delivered packages and Amazon just pays them off with a refund?

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