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eBay Fraud Update: Victims Report Losing $110,000

By Ina & David Steiner

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A couple selling on eBay racked up $110,000 in fraudulent transactions on eBay, according to Detective Bruce Cornish of the Coconino County Sheriff's Department in Arizona. Nearly 300 victims have filed complaints against "Renee Boseli," a fictitious name for two eBay sellers who operated on eBay from January through March of this year until they were finally suspended by the online auction site.

The Munds Park, Arizona couple began auctioning inexpensive DVDs under the eBay ID "mylittle1s", but quickly switched to more expensive stereo components, raising red flags with users who openly posted warnings about the seller in online auction forums.

The couple abandoned their doublewide trailer south of Flagstaff and remain at large, according to Det. Cornish.

In a new development, it was discovered that the couple might have a connection to a case in Las Vegas where a seller scammed people on eBay and on another site out of $100,000 in early 2002. One law enforcement agent told AuctionBytes the couple appeared to be career criminals and expected them to resurface again on eBay.

When asked if the couple known on eBay as "Rene Boseli" might be back to their old tricks less than 2 months after their disappearance, Det. Cornish responded, "Absolutely, she could be on eBay now."

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