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eBay Fraud Update: 285 Victims Report Losing $60,000

By Ina & David Steiner

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More facts have come to light in a story that surfaced one week ago in a case of alleged fraud on eBay. Detective Bruce Cornish of the Coconino County Sheriff's Department in Arizona told AuctionBytes that to date, 285 victims have contacted him about an eBay seller who reportedly ripped of unsuspecting buyers to the tune of $60,000.

Detective Cornish said the seller, using the alias Renee Boseli, had resided in Munds Park, Arizona, but left the area in late February. Boseli reportedly told buyers to send money to her post office box. Cornish said the Sheriff's Office found a large quantity of cashier's checks and money orders in the box. He hopes he will be able to expedite the return of those payments to the buyers.

The seller, using the eBay ID "mylittle1s" registered on the online auction Site in early January, and within a month's time, had listed items totalling nearly a quarter of a million dollars. Users on an online discussion board had monitored the seller for weeks prior to her suspension by eBay on March 5. Two eBay members reported that they had notified eBay, noting highly suspicious activity by the two weeks prior to the seller's suspension.

eBay spokesperson Kevin Pursglove confirmed that eBay had been contacted by law enforcement officials about the seller. eBay does not release detailed information about users, citing privacy concerns. "There isn't much information I can provide until our investigation has been completed," Pursglove said.

Detective Cornish confirmed that eBay has sent an email to every person who has transacted business with the seller on items listed from 1/11/03 to 2/27/03, for a total of 2,379 auctions valued at $240,682.

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