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eBay Addresses ReturnBuy Policy Violations

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In a previous NewsFlash, AuctionBytes reported that ReturnBuy was in violation of eBay's links policy and failed to maintain the required positive feedback ratio of 98% to retain Power Seller status. After looking into the situation, EBay spokesperson, Kevin Pursglove responded to AuctionBytes with the following information:

"When we look at a seller's record, we look at their entire record from the time they started. EBay has looked at ReturnBuy's entire record from the point they started and it is slightly under 98%. ReturnBuy will be treated like any other Power Seller that doesn't meet the minimum standards. They will be sent a notice advising them of their current status and will have 30 days to bring their feedback ratio up to requirements."

As for links within ReturnBuy's auctions, Mr Pursglove said, "A seller who has links within their auction pages will receive an educational email reminding them that email links are not allowed." According to eBay, a seller then has 14 days to comply with the "no-links" rule.

When asked if eBay's investment in ReturnBuy had any bearing on their treatment, Pursglove said no and reminded us that eBay had suspended Kruse Automotive for 30 days for violating feedback rules even though eBay owns it outright.

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