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    Can anyone help me with this hallmark on an ebay piece, supposedly for E.G. Webster? I've seen it on a sterling piece and a supposedly silverplated piece but I cannot find any reference to it anywhere?

    Fleur-de-lis, crown, lion standing up faced to the left
    lion standing up faced to the right, star, lion standing up faced to the right


    Sorry I'm new to the forum and don't know how to attach images.


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    The upper marks definitely match the Webster hall marks in Rainwater. The bottom ones look like faux marks to me -- made to look like the British hallmarks. I'd say this is a piece by Webster which would make it American made. I have no idea as to the date of manufacture.

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    Hello Chaz and welcome to the forum!

    E. G. Webster & Son was out of Brooklyn New York. It traces it's history from 1859 when Elizur G. Webster (1829-1900) started it. The company was known as the Webster Manufacturing Company. It became E. G. Webster & Brother in 1873. When his brother retired in 1886 he in turn took on his son Fred. The son carried on the company until 1928 when it was sold to the International Silver Company in 1928. The company was moved from Brooklyn NY to Meriden CT. Fred continued with the firm but retired sometime in the 1930's and died in 1941.

    The company was known for it's highly chased holloware and English reproductions. This piece you are asking about fit's that criteria perfectly and was made sometime between 1886-1928. It is very probably circa 1900 as the grape pattern is very common on many manufacturers items from around 1900-1915. It really is a wonderful piece of silver. Sincerely, John Leckrone John@hopkinsvilleantiques.com

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    Thanks so much everyone!!! Would there be any way of telling whether a piece was really sterling or silverplaced from this mark as there are no other marks?



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    Hi Chaz,

    According to my book that mark does signify sterling which is VERY unusual as most sterling silver flatware and holloware actually says it is sterling. If you are wondering if the piece is "worth it" then the answer is yes. While I do not give appraisals I am of the oppinion that this particular piece is currently priced WAY too cheap. Sincerely, John Leckrone John@hopkinsvilleantiques.com

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    Thanks John,

    This is great news!!!


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