Has anyone had dealings with iPage and the Weebly builder? I am furious. The second time this year that I have not been able to get on my site. After many hours my husband was able to fix the problem the first time without their help. This morning I have been on line with them for over an hour (mostly on hold) and all they will say is that they don't have a problem getting on my site. Since I have been having so many problems I asked if I could cancel my site and get a partial refund for the 8 months remaining that I have paid for. Guess what!!! NO REFUNDS Guess you know how mad I am.....can't get a refund and can't use my site!!
They tell me no one else has complained. Can that we true? I doubt that I am unique. lol I have had a website at one place or other for over 16 years and I have never had this problem before either; except now it is twice in 3 months with them.
Sorry to rant but I am so mad and still don't know what to do.