IMPORTANT NOTE TO OUR EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS: If you opted to receive EcommerceBytes email newsletters in the text version rather than HTML, please note the following. Our email list host provider Constant Contact changed its procedures without notifying us and is now sending out HTML versions to ALL subscribers.

If your email client (i.e., Outlook, AOL, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.) is not set to read HTML, you'll continue to see the newsletter as you always have (text-only format). And if you had already subscribed to the HTML version, nothing has changed. Note that the HTML version, besides having images, uses tracking URLs that allow us to see how popular certain articles are and to measure open rates and other metrics.

If your email client allows, you can change the settings to turn off HTML, and your newsletter should display the Plain Text version without tracking URLs. Constant Contact provided us with this link to a MakeTechEasier article that shows you how to do this.

We use Constant Contact to host our lists in part because it makes it easy for subscribers to manage their subscriptions and to immediately and easily unsubscribe if they choose. Thanks for your attention.