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    Default Please help me identify this 19th cent. porcelain Minton?

    Hello all, I'm a new user here and this would be my first posting so if I'm in the wrong forum I apologize.

    Here is a yard sale find from a few months ago, I believe it's a spill vase. I've searched for hours trying to figure out it's maker and origin and I'm just as confused as ever. The high fired glaze is white but has a greenish tint when next to pure white, the faces have hand painted brown accents, the back bottom of the basket the impressed numbers 12978 and there are 2 little pierced holes on the back of the figures. The only marking on the underside is 1. and it looks like it was with the same enamel as the face. I has a great feel to it too. I hope someone here can help me with dating and identifying this great piece. I'm leaning towards Staffordshire or Minton.

    Thank you in advance for your opinions.
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