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    Default ebay removed my skincare products - help!


    I've been selling skin and haircare products online for about 2 years. All of a sudden, ebay sent me a dreaded MC999 notice removing all of my listings saying "You have listed an item that is only available from a licensed practitioner. We do not permit the listing of any controlled drug or item that requires a prescription from a licensed practitioner (such as a doctor, dentist, veterinarian, or optometrist) to dispense. Please do not relist this item."

    But it's not true. This is just a normal, branded line of skincare products (cleansers, creams,etc) sold in many salons and spas - no doctor or nurse needed. I emailed and called customer service multiple times and today they finally told me they can't challenge the removal of my listings since they contain salicylic acid (some do, some don't), but that is a normal anti-acne ingredient found in nearly every product on the shelves of CVS!

    Do I have any recourse? Plus, there are 100+ other listings of the same skin care line still out there on eBay. I feel like I'm being targeted!

    I would appreciate any advice, thank you

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    The more you continue on with that account, attempting to sell with that account the specific items eBay doesn't want you to sell, the higher the chance of you losing your account. It happens everyday, thousands of people lose their account so be careful.

    I recommend if you truly want to continue selling that item that you work with stealth account, specifically http://www.auctionstealth.com, eBay Stealth accounts. There is a whole community out there that sells this way, with multiple accounts in order to thwart eBay/PayPal.

    Good luck to you!

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    Forget trying to hide your id, if push comes to shove and a VeRO member comes after you they can find out who you are.

    Was it ebay or a VeRO member, that's an important different.

    The skincare/beauty police are rampant on ebay, they don't want their overpriced stuff sold cheaply.

    Have you read anything on my website about VeRO?

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