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    Default L and R Germany small ornate porcelain lamps- seeking info

    Hello. I just acquired two matching L and R Germany small ornate porcelain lamps and would be curous to know who, when,and where they were made. Also, their relative scarcity and value, approximately.

    Thank you so much!

    Dan :D

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    I can't see your pictures!!!

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    Default lamps

    We're doing fine...just took a little over three days to notice the lamp pictures are missing! Where are you, Sandy, we need you. :confused


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    Default L and R Germany porcelain lamps

    Hello! I do not know how to post pictures on this forum.

    Do you really need an image to tell what "L and R, German" signifies on porcelain?

    I can understand needing the images for a value or a specific
    identification of the two lamps.

    If you asked me a question about a coin with no image, I could tell
    you plenty without a photo.

    Your help is appreciated.

    Have a nice day! :D

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    The information you have provided is no better then if I asked for scarity and value on a coin with the following information
    It's a dime, it was made in the US
    There is a heck of a lot more variables to ID'ing and valuing them. I can't tell you the scarcity of ANY pottery or porcelain item with out a picture, or at least a specific ID. If you want our help you need to provide us with the information we need.

    There are a LOT of companies with the same initials. Therefore in general it is much easier to determine who a maker is from a picture of the mark, even if it is just initials. Also, the same company often changed their marks several times over the years.

    Kovels does not list a mark for L & R Germany.


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    Default Lou, maybe you can point me in the right direction

    Since you canot tell the maker from the initials and the stamp
    "German," perhaps you can tell me where I might go to seek any
    information. I did Google the initials and came up with nothing. I
    tried GoAntiques and also got a goose egg.

    As for your coin analogy, you would be asking about a specific type of dime like Bust, Seated, Barber, Mercury, or Roosevelt and I would then need to know the year, mintmark, and condition.

    Have a nice day!

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    Default If somebody here can send me their email, I can send images

    Since I do not know how to post images on this forum, if some kind
    sould can email or instant message me, I can email them with the
    images for this matching pair of German porcelain lamps.


    Have a nice day! :D

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    you would be asking about a specific type of dime like Bust, Seated, Barber, Mercury, or Roosevelt and I would then need to know the year, mintmark, and condition.
    That was my point. The information you thought was sufficient was not, just as my information of a dime made in the US was not.

    You can email me your photos and I can post them



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    happycamperdan is the moderator on the coin thread and is frequently curt and offensive with his answers. As for not knowing how to post pictures the following was a quote to his own thread:
    Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2006 8:08 am Post subject:


    Hello Dan

    if you take a look at this thread from "The Haul" Forum, there is a simple (I hope!) tutorial there in the second post on how to add photos here at Auctionbytes.

    Here is the link

    Hope that helps
    He was made aware of how to post images at that time and in further replys acknowledged same several times.
    happycamperdan, your busted!!

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    Wally, I knew he was a mod on the coin forum, and am more then a little surprised he doesn't know how to post pics. It really isn't that difficult to do, especially with there are step by step instructions.


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