Had a discussion with a gentleman who specializes in coin silver flatware. He sent me this link to many silversmiths marks which I found to be excellent. I added it to my favorites list and would recommend you do the same.


He also recommended the following books

The Belden Winterthu book is good but very expensive.

Silver reference books for most states East of the Mississippi are available and many were done by George Barton Cutten.

Boultinghouse did the best Kentucky book.

Yale, The Brooklyn Museum in NY, Bayou Bend in Houston, The Boston Museum of Art and the Cleveland Museum have also put out some great publications on the subject of coin silver.

With regards to American pseudo hallmarks John R. McGrew has recently published his treatise "Manufacturers' Marks on American Coin Silver". It too is excellent!!

Since this gentleman deals in coin silver I will take his word on these books. Just wish they were not so expensive! Oh well, a good reference book usually pays for itself quickly so I will just have to cry a little and spend the money..... Sincerely, John Leckrone John@hopkinsvilleantiques.com