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    Default Time Zone Question

    Will someone please tell me how to ask a question.....I went to FAQ, no help there, ha ha! So I am posting this... Anyway, this concerns the Time Zone. In FAQ's listings for changing time zones, the answer is to list your "time zone" accordingly to the area in which you live. Ok................GMT must mean Greenwich Mean Time? I am not well versed in this except that I know this is an arbitrary spot in England. I do not know how to adjust my time zone setting and there are no listings per area to click on as suggested in FAQ's. In MY Profile, I see that GMT + 2 hours is listed. I posted a reply earlier today, Saturday, at 4:06 PM PDT (Seattle WA) and it shows as SUNDAY, 1:06 AM GMT?!!! Small matter, I guess, but I feel "inadequate" in that I cannot follow the instructions! Geez...........Help!

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    Hi there... Just to let you know... Eastern US time (East of Ohio to the East Coast) is GMT time plus 5 hours. Your time(West Coast time) is plus another three hours. Making it GMT+8 hours. I have relatives in England and a daughter in Souther Cal. and we talk over the internet every once in awhile. Hope this helps. Betty

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    Default Time Zone Site

    Here's a really cool site that will help you deal with all those pesky time zone questions:


    It lets you set up a personal world clock so if you know what time it is where you are sitting, you'll know what time it is anywhere else in the world.

    Hope that helps!


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    a reader suggested http://www.thetimenow.com
    Ina Steiner, EcommerceBytes.com

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