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SiteIssue ReportedStatus
 December 19, 2016
  14:53 PM

Ebay UK feed back department are making wrong calculations on the feedback percentage so all Sellers check it.I have 104 positive feedback in a year period as a private seller and 2 negatives.The calculation is 104 divided by 104+2 negatives multiply by 100 which is 104 divided by 106 multiply by 100 which is 98.11%.They mistakenly used 94 instead of 104 and made my percentage to 97.9% which will affect my sales as a Buyer would prefer to buy from someone with a higher percentage.Check yours out

Reported By: EbayerAmazons Corner
Are you experiencing this issue?
 December 18, 2016
  21:13 PM

eB tried to deduct from PP Debit/Mastercard mthly fees on main acct. Said card expired. Yep, true. Authorized new card recently received. eB went to card 3 days later & pmt success. Then emails start from eB warning to update expired pmt method (CC). Updated main acct, now says ok with new card exp. date. Went to do same on 3 other accounts - won't accept. eB says PP prob. PP says eBay prob. Is eB no longer allowing on more than one eB acct? Or NO PP Debit/MC at all & main acct went under radar?

Reported By: dans parts
Are you experiencing this issue?
 December 16, 2016
  15:31 PM

Can not leave feedback. 
Get a  messageThe Feedback for is temporarily unavailable. Please try again in a few minutes. If this problem persists, please contact Customer Support.

So far its been close to a hour. I am not going to waste my time to contact Customer Support.

Reported By: RL15
Are you experiencing this issue?
Issue reported resolved by: RL15
 December 15, 2016
  19:28 PM

eBay has Swept my paypal account two days in a row to pay for fees due this month.  This is something new.  My fees are not due until the end of the month.  Not having money in my paypal account prevents me from paying for labels.  What gives.  eBay always gets paid but sweeping my account is bad business!  Anyone else having this issue?
Thank you  Bruce Wendt

Reported By: cash4clothesbozeman
Are you experiencing this issue?
 December 15, 2016
  18:17 PM

Not sure if this is a FB issue or eBay, but when posting a link to my eBay item on the FB page for my business, the title, description, and picture are completely unrelated to the item I am linking to or any other item I am selling.  I am linking to an art print, but the info coming up is for some Disneyland game.  I double-checked the link, and it is correct.  I was able to change the picture and title, but it is bizarre!

Reported By: lessthanthreerecords
Are you experiencing this issue?
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How often have you experienced a problem with a site, only to wonder if you are the only person having the issue, or if its more widespread?

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