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SiteIssue ReportedStatus
 December 23, 2016
  18:58 PM

I have 342 active listings...only 4 are showing

Reported By: RL15
Are you experiencing this issue?
Issue reported resolved by: RL15
 December 23, 2016
  15:19 PM

When using Chrome, keep getting Shockwave Player - Crashes, causing fatal errors on the eBay page.  Its been going on for awhile and today we noticed that some of our listings with variation listings are in a constant state of reloading itself.  Its only loading eBay sponsored ads as far as we can tell from the links that will appear at the bottom of the screen when the page starts to load.

Its causing the variations drop down selection not to show what sizes are available.  -its just blank

Reported By: meci
Are you experiencing this issue?
 December 22, 2016
  09:49 AM

Ebay has been randomly changing the return policy on my listings from 14 days to 30 days. Not cool, eBay. I'm not in the clothing rental business.

Reported By: That Guy
Are you experiencing this issue?
 December 21, 2016
  11:18 AM

Listing page broken; when user attempts to enter 'starting price' in box the site keeps ERASING the amount. There's a bizarre work-around; when you click on the blue 'fee varies' icon it seems to reset the data box so that it will now accept input. Have had this happen several times over a period of days. If you don't know the work-around [and there may be others!] then you're S.O.L - you won't get the listing created.

Reported By: Volvo351
Are you experiencing this issue?
 December 19, 2016
  22:56 PM

Tracking not activating properly. I shipped 10 packages today (over 8 hours ago). 6 show no tracking information at all. 3 show that it got to the sorting hub in Philadelphia, but never showed up in the post office I shipped from. Only 1 displays acceptance at my local post office, and it was the only one that I paid for in advance and printed a label. I am concerned about eBay defects on the 6 with no tracking at all.

Reported By: lessthanthreerecords
Are you experiencing this issue?
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