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SiteIssue ReportedStatus
 April 11, 2017
  09:36 AM

I keep getting Paypal shipping not available at this time. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Reported By: partsdude68
Are you experiencing this issue?
 April 10, 2017
  09:25 AM

Just got an 'Instant Payment Received' email from PayPal time-stamped 4/9/2017, 3:57, for a payment made on April 3, 2017 at 10:04 AM. Of course, I already shipped this item week ago.

Reported By: Don Wagner
Are you experiencing this issue?
 April 09, 2017
  01:24 AM

Have  been having a problem for WEEKS  using  the PO issued Delivery confirmation numbers-I type them into the proper box; and when I click over to the CARRIER box I sometimes USPS comes  up right away; or I select it; BUT when I go to SUBMIT I get a WARNING that these numbers are NOT recognized and fraudulent and that if I KEEP doing this (!) I will be kicked OFF ebay! No problems with tracking. All these no's are off the PO receipt and DO track.

Reported By: comet
Are you experiencing this issue?
 April 07, 2017
  22:19 PM

Been getting this error all day when sending invoices to customers ERROR -
There is some technical error, please try after sometime.

Reported By: bb6
Are you experiencing this issue?
 April 06, 2017
  12:46 PM

Paypal is charging shipping labels to my bank account instead of to my Paypal account as normal.  Also log on issues and label printing issues today.  Many many issues at Paypal - check you transaction history carefully!

Reported By: jacobsenra
Are you experiencing this issue?
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