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SiteIssue ReportedStatus
 February 07, 2017
  12:49 PM

Cannot change from USDs to foreign currency when sending money to pay for an item directly. Clicking on the down arrow to pick another currency is not working.

Reported By: BobNJ
Are you experiencing this issue?
 February 07, 2017
  01:34 AM

FileExchange has been handcuffed for many days; eBay is supposedly aware of the problem. And it's definitely impacting many sellers...I tried to upload over 1,000 items last night; it wouldn't work today either. Here's a thread to confirm what I'm saying: http://community.ebay.com/t5/Tools-Apps/File-Exchange-anyone-getting-BAF-Error-9-Duplicate-Headers/m-p/26562006

Reported By: rickyrocket
Are you experiencing this issue?
 February 06, 2017
  11:49 AM

Once again a customer that had won an auction wanted to add another item to their order and every time the "immediate pay" element directed the 2nd item straight to Paypal for immediate payment.  I have ZERO items on "immediate pay".  This has been occurring for quite a while...who know how many sales have been lost due to this.  So, I sold it to him off ebay and added to his order to ship together.  How can that possibly benefit ebay or anyone?  Needs to be fixes once and for all.

Reported By: Scotty
Are you experiencing this issue?
 February 04, 2017
  02:57 AM

ALL eBay pages are not secure, with the exception of the main log in page. This is on the full site on pc.

Reported By: pebbles
Are you experiencing this issue?
 February 01, 2017
  18:59 PM

Cannot access the site from any of 3 different browsers

Reported By: Bethofvt
Are you experiencing this issue?
Issue reported resolved by: Bethofvt
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