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 April 16, 2017
  18:52 PM

Impressions have not been updated on eBay since April 10th. Usually two days behind. Now a week. Not showing on Terapeak either.  Sales non-existant. Something is seriously wrong  with search. ( Confirmation from other sellers that no updates since April 10th.

Reported By: shoppingguru
Are you experiencing this issue?
 April 15, 2017
  11:11 AM

eBay Shipping and Pay Pal are continuing to charge bank account for shipping charges instead of Pay Pal balance.  Ughhhhhhh!

Reported By: ebayisscrewed
Are you experiencing this issue?
 April 13, 2017
  02:10 AM

Sales tax rate in my area changed January 1st so I made the change on the sales tax chart. It wasn't until recently that I made an in-state sale and to my surprise they were charged the old rate. I called eBay and spoke to someone who eventually found the answer: when the tax rate is changed, it only applies to new items that get listed. It does not apply to existing items. WHAT?!?! Under what circumstances does this make any sense?

Reported By: Mike-n-Cal
Are you experiencing this issue?
 April 12, 2017
  16:04 PM

I am getting sick of ebay failing to combine shipping. Once in awhile it works but usually not.  Last order was for 7 items. COmbines shipping should have been $2.90.  They combined shipping for two items and charged full shipping for the other for a total of $14.50.  I had to issue a refund of $11.60 of which ebay will keep the part they charged me.  What a  foul taste they give a seller.

Reported By: rstpete
Are you experiencing this issue?
 April 12, 2017
  13:20 PM

Etsy changed shop locations for some sellers due to bug. See Etsy Bug Forum: "Location of shop being changed erroneously"

Reported By: Ina
Are you experiencing this issue?
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