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 June 20, 2017
  09:58 AM

eBay sending notifications 
Warning - Offers to sell outside of eBay

for customers asking to complete transactions outside of ebay and provide their contact details. Not once did you suggest or try to make a sale outside of the ebay system yet it still sent us this message, why not the person/buyer that is the one asking it, why do we get the warning?

Reported By: SomeeBaySeller
Are you experiencing this issue?
 June 19, 2017
  18:35 PM

Seller Central has been unavailable since 6 PM EST.

Reported By: yesmikan
Are you experiencing this issue?
Issue reported resolved by: yesmikan
 June 15, 2017
  17:15 PM

Just tried to print a shipping label in EBAY and it came out blank.  Everything looked fine, paypal charged and all I get is Page 1 of 1 at the top.  No label.  Reprint didn't work either.

Reported By: TandL
Are you experiencing this issue?
 June 14, 2017
  10:30 AM

Shoppers unable to checkout for certain listings: Seller reported a problem she was having in May and asked on eBay boards, "Is anyone else getting complaints from customers they can't ship to a U.S. location?" She updated the thread last week to say, "I got 3 customers in the last 2 weeks complain about not being able to checkout, cause I don't ship to primary address."

Tues: an eBay moderator responded to say it was a "known issue for some listings and we are working on a fix at the moment."

Reported By: Ina
Are you experiencing this issue?
 June 13, 2017
  15:50 PM

once again when entering tracking, fleecebay keeps defaulting to UPS as the carrier. keep editing it to the proper carrier, but, even after the edit it defaults to ups.

Reported By: RL15
Are you experiencing this issue?
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