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SiteIssue ReportedStatus
 March 20, 2017
  09:52 AM

This morning PayPal reported a negative balance and no new transactions to support the change from yesterday.

Reported By: cfrphoto
Are you experiencing this issue?
 March 20, 2017
  05:05 AM

Within the past 24 hours (and in the past month in general) I noticed that I've had several orders of unrelated products from the State of Texas. Is there a reason why? I know it's not my zip code. The fact that I sell from overseas from an overseas address also has no bearing on these orders. 
Anyone have any idea why? If I only knew I'd target all 50 States!

Reported By: Jake613
Are you experiencing this issue?
 March 17, 2017
  11:12 AM

When printing payment information from the paypal site, shipping is not showing the dollar amount.  It just states "TRUE".  Paypal emails are still stating amount paid for shipping.

Reported By: zunifetish
Are you experiencing this issue?
 March 16, 2017
  19:53 PM

Paypal payment emails need to have a unique subject name. They send them with the same subject (and same sender now as they don't use the buyer email as the sender anymore), and thus all payment emails are nested together in one email.. Its so frustrating trying to deciper what the hell is going on!  Paypal, you changed this and are impacting your customers! This is going on 3 months NOW!!  FIX IT!!!

Reported By: Frank F
Are you experiencing this issue?
 March 15, 2017
  16:44 PM

For the last 2-3 days, Paypal payments are missing the item number from the subject line. It will read "Item #- Instant Payment Received from [ebay ID]". Not every payment, but mostly international customers.

Reported By: DTSM
Are you experiencing this issue?
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