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Online Payment Services
AuctionBytes does not endorse any of the payment services listed below nor do we guarantee the safety of using such services.
ServiceHow it worksFees
Amazon Payments
last updated: Mar 28, 2010
Buyers use  their credit card on file with Amazon to pay for items they buy, Amazon deposits money in sellers' bank accounts every 2 weeks.-Amazon Marketplace sellers pay no fees for collecting money via Amazon Payments--costs are included in the Amazon Marketplace commission structure.

- zShops sellers pay $0.25 per item purchased using Amazon Payments, plus 2.5 percent of the transaction amount.

- Auctions sellers pay $0.25 per item purchased using Amazon Payments, plus 2.5 percent of the transaction amount.
last updated: Aug 22, 2007
AuctionCheckout is a credit card payment service providing discounted merchant services for sellers on eBay and other auction sites. Can be used with eBay, Yahoo, Overstock and the seller's own website.

Online application provides sellers with up to $10,000 or more per month of credit card processing. Service includes merchant account, payment gateway, virtual terminal, and the secure AuctionCheckout service. 24-hour setup. Funds are deposited in 2-3 business days. AuctionCheckout is a Certified eBay Developer.

Sellers who already have established merchant processing accounts may use AuctionCheckout Blue - currently integrated with Authorize.Net, LinkPoint, PayMeNow, VeriSign, and USAePay.

Buyers can pay for auction items with credit cards with no enrollment required.
No Setup Fee

No Annual Fee

2.19% Discount Rate

$0.29 Transaction Fee

$29 Monthly Service

Includes merchant account, payment gateway, virtual terminal,
AuctionCheckout service.
last updated: Dec 23, 2007

Website not available
Discontinued operations 12/31/07
BidPay processes both auction and online ecommerce payments.  BidPay is an approved payment service on eBay, and allows your auction customers to pay using their credit or debit card.

BidPay charges sellers a transaction fee for processing payments.

Sellers must have a US bank account to receive BidPay payments.  There is no stored value account with BidPay - payments are deposited directly into your bank account as they are processed from buyers.
Domestic (US) Transaction Fee: 2.19% plus $0.25 per transaction.

International Transaction Fee: 2.9% plus $0.25 per transaction.
last updated: Aug 24, 2007

Website not available
Operations Ceased - 4/30/03
Billpoint will be phased out in 2003 following eBay's acquisition of PayPal.Billpoint will be phased out in 2003 following eBay's acquisition of PayPal.
last updated: Aug 24, 2007

Website not available
Operations Ceased - 11/9/03
Similar to PayPal (see below), but with limitations. Buyers may send cash to anyone in U.S. with an email address using a bank or credit card account.


Send Cash: $500/day, $1,000 4-consecutive day limit;

Get Cash $1,000/day, $2000 4-consecutive day limit;

Transfer Cash from c2it Account to any Linked Account: $1,000/day,

$3,000 4-consecutive day limit

Fund Availability: Sending & Adding Cash: 5-business days wait from a linked bank account.

See site for further details.
Fees go into effect 2/23/03:

Send cash: 2.0% of transaction, $0.30 minimum

Get cash: 0
Transfer cash: 0
Request a check: $3.00
last updated: Mar 28, 2010

Website not available
Site not accessible - March 2010
Online bank-to-bank transferFees:
Receiver pays $2.50 per transaction if they do not bank online at a participating financial institution.
last updated: Mar 28, 2010

Ceased Accepting Payments for Auctions - 10/20/05 - Was CheckFree
Both buyer and seller must be enrolled in CheckFree's system. Buyer authorizes payment to be sent to seller, funds are withdrawn from buyer's checking account (there is no way to retract a payment, sellers are guaranteed funds once they get a payment confirmation email).Fees:
Free to Buyer
Seller pays 1.85% plus 30 cents per transaction
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