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Auction Management Services at a Glance
Many vendors offer custom plans or ala carte pricing, see vendor sites for more information.
ServiceSites SupportedPricingPlatformMore Information
last updated: Aug 22, 2007

Website not available
No Longer Available
eBay$29.95 for downloadHostedInfo
AAA Seller
last updated: Jan 8, 2009
eBay.comLite: $9.95/month. Includes 50mb of image hosting.

Complete: $18.95/month and includes 125mb of image hosting.

Powerseller: $24.95/month and includes 250mb of image hosting.

Advanced Powerseller: $44.95/month and includes 500mb of image hosting.

Pictures Plus: $59.95/month and includes 2,000mb of image hosting.

last updated: Jun 2, 2009

Acquired by Vendio in 2006
eBay,Yahoo!, Amazon40 Listings Quick Pack  $10.95 per month

110 Listings Quick Pack  $34.95 per month

275 Listings Quick Pack  $99.95 per month

1,100 Listings Quick Pack  $229.95 per month
AntLister eBay Listing Tool
last updated: Dec 31, 1969
eBayFree for 12months
Auction Accounting
last updated: Jun 2, 2009

Website not available
eBay$14.95 Monthly Flat FeeHostedInfo
Auction Hawk
last updated: Mar 28, 2010
eBayBasic Plan - 220 listings per month and 4000 images for $12.99/mo.

Power Plan- 440 listings per month and 8000 images for $21.99/mo.

Preferred Plan  - 880 listings and 16,000 images for $29.99 per month

Unlimited seller - Unlimited listings and 40,000 images for $44.99 per month
Auction Wizard 2000
last updated: Dec 31, 1969
eBay, Auctions$100 fee for 1st year. $50 annual renewal fee.Desktop - WindowsInfo
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