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by Ina Steiner, Editor of
Thu May 24 2018 16:23:25

Honeville Raises Concerns over eBay SNAD Policy Change

By: Ina Steiner

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You might be familiar with eBay seller Honeville from his posts on the eBay discussion boards or his past discussions with EcommerceBytes about his experience selling on eBay. So when he laid out his concerns on the eBay boards this week about some changes it is making as part of the eBay 2018 Summer Seller Update, we were curious what he had to say.

In a thread titled, "I have some concerns for eBay execs to consider...," Danny Hone, owner of Honeville, keyed in on a change in the Summer Update that has lots of sellers concerned the introduction of new ... Read More

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Tue May 22 2018 22:05:45

eBay Sellers Point to Amazon Crackdown on Returns

By: Ina Steiner

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As eBay starts instituting more restrictive seller policies that make it easier for buyers to return goods, sellers pointed to Amazon's reported crackdown on buyers who returned "too many" goods as evidence that eBay's policies may be unrealistic.

The Wall Street Journal interviewed several buyers who said they had been banned by Amazon for making too many returns. It compiled a list of red flags Amazon reportedly uses to spot abusers based on conversations with some former Amazon employees, including the following:

Consistently returning a large number of your purchases
Returning the wrong item or items that look used
Returning items prone to abuse like ... Read More

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Tue May 22 2018 10:30:28

eBay Summer Seller Update Hits Today

By: Ina Steiner

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Like death and taxes, eBay semi-annual seller updates are a certainty and are similarly dreaded. This year, eBay committed to making three updates, and today, the Summer update hit the site, with one more to go.

eBay grouped the changes into four buckets:

Inventory Optimization: New categories in the product-based shopping experience, category and classification changes, and item specifics to help buyers find your items.

Selling Metrics & Shipping: Stay on top of your after-sale requests, keep your delivery promise and upload tracking, and provide your shipping location zip code.

eBay Stores: eBay Stores feature changes, subscriber benefits and discounts, and new markdown sale event requirement.

Simplified Returns: Enhanced and streamlined returns automation, ... Read More

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Mon May 21 2018 21:52:49

eBay Fully Retires Old Search Technology

By: Ina Steiner


In a peculiar post on Friday, eBay CEO Devin Wenig announced that the company recently retired its Voyager search technology. Readers may recall that was the name of eBay's old search engine, which was replaced in the early twenty-teens - or so we thought.

Wenig said last week that Voyager was recently fully retired, noting that it had handled 2.1 trillion search queries.

Former eBay CEO John Donahoe had brought search guru Hugh E. Williams on board in 2009 to build Voyager's replacement, called Cassini, though he became ill shortly after his arrival at eBay and quietly worked part-time for a period of ... Read More

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Fri May 18 2018 15:04:43

A New Look for eBay View Item Pages

By: Ina Steiner


It looks like eBay is dumping the Top Rated Seller badge for a sleeker look and is placing it above Seller Info on the View Item page.

The changes were spotted by readers and sellers posting on eBay's discussion board, but not everyone can see the new design. Is eBay testing iterations, or is this the final design that will roll out shortly? It's too early to tell.

A few things worth noting about the new View Item page that was spotted today:
- The TRS badge is very different looking. 
- The Seller information is pushed down on the page. 
- There's no more "Save this Seller" link.

It's easy to weigh ... Read More

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