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Ecommerce News for September 12, 2011

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Bonanza Marketplace Goes Global and Rolls out New Design
Bonanza has added international support and rolled out a new design with a customizable homepage. It also announced it would no longer create category-specific sites such as its Bags Bonanza website, a major shift in strategy.
eBay's Chinese Rival Alibaba to Target US Consumers Directly
Alibaba will soon begin targeting U.S. consumers for the first time in a move that pits it against, according to a published report.
California Sales Tax Deal Paves Way for Amazon Affiliate Reinstatement
The California legislature late Friday passed a bill that would give Amazon and other online retailers a moratorium on collecting sales taxes through next September, a compromise measure that, if signed into law, will see the ecommerce giant reinstate its advertising affiliates. It's unknown whether Gov. Jerry Brown will sign the bill.
Patagonia Launches Multi-Seller Storefront on eBay
Patagonia launched a multi-seller storefront on eBay as part of its environmentally-friendly Common Threads Initiative that encourages consumers to reduce, repair, reuse and recycle its clothing.
eBay Goes Back to the 70s and 80s with Movie Marketing Campaigns
eBay has created a special destination area on its site as a marketing tie-in with the Star Wars movie compilation DVD and is running several related charity auctions.
Ecommerce News Roundup for September 12, 2011
Check out stories from around the web in today's ecommerce news roundup!

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''110,000 managements jobs at USPS and 465,000 clerk/carrier jobs. That is an insane ratio.'' - mojo

''Definitely need post office to stay open. No post office=no ebay business.'' - Rich

Seller Disappointed by Bonanza Changes 

''Personally I like the changes.  I also like that management actively listens to mine and others concerns and promotes a constructive community versus a non constructive one.'' - BonzSeller


''The site needs to get the basics fixed and then worry about the cosmetics. Period.'' - Business 


Online Seller Says Amazon Should Collect Sales Tax

''There is little doubt that Amazon is flaunting the law.'' - TB

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