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  1. New Ideas for Selling Estates
    If you find yourself in the position of selling an estate, licensed auctioneer Wayne Tuiskula has tips to help you succeed and yield the most proceeds on behalf of the executor.
    Published: 2013/01/06
  2. Picking Up eBay Inventory at Live Auction
    Whether you are looking for inventory or for that special piece to round out your collection, "real life" auctions are a great solution. It's also an entertaining way to spend a cold winter day.
    Published: 2003/12/21
  3. Getting the Most out of an Estate
    How do I get rid of this stuff? Wayne Tuiskula discusses the best options for liquidating the assets of an estate.
    Published: 1999/12/19
  4. Sports: Where to Begin?
    There's more to sports collecting than baseball cards! Sports Editor Wayne Tuiskula discusses other options for the enthusiast.
    Published: 2000/01/23
  5. Collector's Corner: Baseball Cards - The Early Years
    Sports Editor Wayne Tuiskula looks at the origin of the most popular sports collectible: The Baseball Card.
    Published: 2000/02/20
  6. Bound for Brimfield - Preparing for New England's Largest Outdoor Antiques Show
    Wayne Tuiskula writes an online survival guide on how to prepare for New Englandís largest outdoor antique show.
    Published: 2000/04/11
  7. Baseball Cards: Gum Cards - Part II
    In Part II of this Collectorís Corner, Editor Wayne Tuiskula looks at the development of baseball trading cards through the 1900s.
    Published: 2000/05/07
  8. Million Dollar Baseball Card?
    Want to own a Million Dollar baseball card? Wayne Tuiskula fills you in on where you can get one!
    Published: 2000/06/18
  9. Sports - Honus Wagner Card Auction Sells for $1.1 Million
    Published: 2000/07/16
  10. Sports - Honus Wagner Card Auction and News from Topps Company
    Wayne Tuiskula updates us on the Million Dollar baseball card, and a new venture between eBay and Topps, Inc.
    Published: 2000/07/02
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