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  1. Auction Software - Get Help Posting your Auctions
    Win Bent Reviews 5 software programs aimed at making you more efficient in the online auction arena.
    Published: 1999/12/05
  2. Comics: What Comics Will Sell Well?
    Comics editor Win Bent helps you find the value of your comic collection.
    Published: 1999/12/05
  3. Follow-up: Auction Software Review of AuctionSubmit
    Win Bent looks at more auction software, this time taking AuctionSubmit for a test drive.
    Published: 2000/02/20
  4. Andale Auction-Management Software
    Our resident software Guru, Win Bent gives his impressions of Andaleís Auction Management program.
    Published: 2000/04/23
  5. I'm All For Cons!
    Ever been to a Comic Convention? Win Bent lists the major Comic Cons for 2001 and writes that perhaps itís time you go and check one out!
    Published: 2001/02/04