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  1. eBay Live Classes on Photography
    Tom Shaughnessy attended two classes on photography at the eBay Live user conference last month. Find out what he learned and pick up some tips on taking better photos for your online auctions.
    Published: 2004/07/11
  2. eBay Live 2005 - Wanted: More Photo Sessions
    Tom Shaughnessy has attended the photo seminars at the past three eBay Live conferences. In today's issue he reviews the 2005 photo sessions - find out how they developed (pun intended)!
    Published: 2005/07/10
  3. Photography Is a Snap at Annual eBay Live Conference
    Tom Shaughnessy, who has attended every eBay Live, reports back on all things related to photography at the 5th annual conference held earlier this month in Las Vegas. Tom reviews the classes on basic digital photography, the computer labs and the photo-related exhibitors in the Solutions Hall. You'll feel like you were there yourself!
    Published: 2006/06/25
  4. eBay Live 2007 Photography Review
    Each year, Tom Shaughnessy brings back a report from the eBay Live conference on everything relating to photography. Tom reviews classes and labs and visits exhibitors to find out what's new in the world of photography for eBay sellers. This is Tom's report and analysis from the 2007 Boston show!
    Published: 2007/06/24