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  1. Search Engine Optimization for eBay Stores
    With the recent rollback of Stores in Search, eBay Storeowners are desperate for ways to increase exposure for their listings. Trevor Ginn takes a look at Search Engine Optimization techniques to help your listings show up in search results and boost your bottom line.
    Published: 2006/11/05
  2. Introduction to Search Engine Optimization for Online Sellers
    Online sellers need to attract buyers to their websites, and one of the best ways to do that is by having your products show up in search-engine results. This week, Trevor Ginn talks about how to optimize your site to get as much visibility as possible so your site will show up on shoppers' computer screens.
    Published: 2006/12/17
  3. Fourteen Tips to Reduce eBay Fees
    Are you doing everything you can to reduce your online selling fees? Trevor Ginn looks at 14 ways to reduce fees for eBay sellers, ranging from the obvious to the more strategic. Make sure you aren't overlooking the ways you can save money on eBay!
    Published: 2007/02/18