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  1. USPS Rate Increase Affects Online-Auction Buyers & Sellers
    The day sellers hoped would never come is here. New postal rates are in effect as of June 30th. Toby Aulman writes how the increases will affect online merchants, and gives some suggestions on how to cope with the changes.
    Published: 2002/06/30
  2. Review: Turbo Lister, eBay's New Bulk-Listing Tool
    eBay recently released its new free bulk-listing tool. Toby Aulman takes a look at Turbo Lister to see if it gives a boost to the auction listing process.
    Published: 2002/10/20
  3. Collector's Corner: Sandwich Glass and Sandwich Pattern Glassware
    Identifying the different makers of Sandwich Glass can often be confusing, even for experienced collectors. Toby Aulman offers a survival guide for telling them apart.
    Published: 2002/11/17
  4. Collector's Corner: The Cubic Triad, or, 'Do I really have a piece of Fostoria American?'
    Fostoria American is one of the Glass World?s most collected - and misidentified - lines of glass. Toby Aulman shares some valuable tips for telling it apart from similar lines.
    Published: 2001/05/20
  5. Collector's Corner: 1970s Glassware: Collectible of the Future, or the Present?
    Itís evident which pieces of glass are coveted now, but what will be collectible tomorrow? Toby Aulman breaks out his crystal ball and gives some ideas of the types of glass you should be collecting for the future.
    Published: 2001/09/09
  6. Collector's Corner: Collectible Glassware - Commonly Misused or Confused Terms
    What's the difference between Stretch Glass and Swung Glass? Toby Aulman explains the distinction between these commonly mistaken terms along with quite a few others.
    Published: 2002/01/20