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  1. Amazon Seller: Change May Drive Sellers to eBay Stores
    Some Amazon sellers may begin using PayPal for the first time next month to collect miscellaneous payments from buyers. Amazon is phasing out its zShops program that enables sellers to collect special payments from buyers and list unique items in an Amazon storefront. The online retailer plans to kill zShops on October 24, which could make PayPal a necessity for some sellers, and could make eBay Stores a good option for those who want a flexible storefront.
    Published: 2006/09/26
  2. Amazon.com Rolls Out Anti-Phishing System for Third-Party Sellers
    Amazon.com is testing a new order-notification system that may give the retailer a perceived safety advantage over rivals like eBay and PayPal. New desktop software will provide encrypted order alerts, replacing the emails Amazon sends to third-party sellers.
    Published: 2007/02/16