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  1. Creating Unique Bundles to Win the Buy Box on Amazon
    The competition among sellers on Amazon.com can be cutthroat as they vie for the coveted Amazon Buy Box. EcommerceBytes tapped an experienced author and online seller to share his strategy for getting increased exposure on Amazon.com, one that can also boost your profit margin on FBA.
    Published: 2013/02/17
  2. Sourcing Local Gourmet Foods to Sell on eBay and Amazon
    Finding sources of product to sell online can be a challenge, especially when everyone else is selling the same thing. Marketplace guru Skip McGrath shares his strategy for finding items that sell well on eBay and Amazon and how to become the exclusive online distributor.
    Published: 2013/06/23
  3. Understanding Supply and Demand on eBay
    Understanding the principle of supply and demand is key to successful selling on eBay. Skip McGrath explains, and shows how sellers can avoid falling into the trap of competing with themselves.
    Published: 2005/03/06
  4. How To Buy Wholesale for Your Auction Business
    Want to keep yourself rolling in auction inventory? Buy wholesale! Skip McGrath gives some great pointers on how to get started.
    Published: 2001/03/18
  5. Amazon SCOE Conference Wraps Up in Seattle
    Online selling guru Skip McGrath attended the annual Amazon Sellers conference that just wrapped up in Seattle and brings EcommerceBytes readers a first-hand account of the event.
    Published: 2011/07/12
  6. Amazon.com Meets with Sellers at Seattle Conference
    Sellers gathered in Seattle over the weekend to strategize on ways to be successful on Amazon.com - read Skip McGrath's report on the SCOE conference highlights.
    Published: 2009/07/14
  7. Registering Your Product Brand through the Amazon Brand Registry
    If you've never heard of Amazon Brand Registry, this is a must-read article. Skip McGrath shares how he uses the program to register his unique brands to gain control over his product pages and how it works for him.
    Published: 2015/07/12
  8. Product Sourcing - Life Returns to Largest Wholesale Trade Show
    The annual ASD wholesale trade show was hopping in Las Vegas this week, and Skip McGrath gives a full report, including hot new product trends (hint - LED and solar technology is showing up in all kinds of products). If you sell online, the ASD show is the place to be!
    Published: 2012/03/29