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  1. You Spell Tomatoe, I Spell Tomato - When Typos 'Call the Whole Thing Off'
    Typos can either kill your auction, or enable you to find an overlooked treasure! Susanne Jones writes that itís best to keep your spell-checker handy when creating auction titles.
    Published: 2000/05/21
  2. A Knack for Nicknames
    Whatís in a name? Susanne Jones takes an insightful look at some creative online user IDs.
    Published: 2000/05/07
  3. Proud to Be Canadian
    Oh Canada! Why do many sellers shudder at the prospect of sending their items north? Susanne Jones gives a Canadian perspective.
    Published: 2000/07/16
  4. Canadian Antiques Mall Goes from 'Bricks' to 'Clicks'
    Canada's largest antiques mall closes to go online full-time. Susanne Jones brings you the scoop.
    Published: 2000/08/20
  5. Crime (and Sex) Pays: Disgusting and Bizarre Auction Items
    Just when you thought it was safe to bid! Susanne Jones peeks at the dark underbelly of online auctions.
    Published: 2000/09/10