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  1. Key Performance Indicators for Online Retailers (Vendor Monday)
    In today's AuctionBytes "Vendor Monday" column, Infopia's Vice President of Marketing Ralf VonSosen reviews ways that eBay and online sellers can analyze their business performance. Each week, AuctionBytes.com runs an article submitted by a vendor or marketplace in the online-auction industry about a topic helpful to online sellers. Story submissions are welcome by emailing the editor. Gone are the days of selling through only a single online sales channel, such as eBay or your website. Here are the days of multi-channel online selling via a sophisticated collection of e-marketplaces and website stores.
    Published: 2007/01/29
  2. Vendor Monday: eCommerce 2.0, Where We Are Heading
    A few years ago, Tim O'Reilly introduced the concept of Web 2.0 to make sense out of what was next for software solutions. Web 2.0 explains how the realities of tomorrow will change how software solutions are designed, created, and used.
    Published: 2007/06/11