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  1. The Online Auction Seller's Guide to Effective Customer Service
    Customer service is a big part of any online-auction business. Patricia Michaels gives some tips on staying organized and keeping customers happy.
    Published: 2003/06/01
  2. Collector's Corner: Buying or Selling Barbies - Research Tips
    Patricia Michaels reviews some great sites for doing research on a classic toy: the Barbie doll.
    Published: 2003/07/13
  3. Shop Goodwill Online at the ShopGoodwill.com Auction Site
    One of the top charities in the U.S. set up an auction site in 1999. ShopGoodwill.com continues to offer a wide variety of collectibles and other items. Online shoppers can find some interesting items, and feel good doing it!
    Published: 2003/07/27