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  1. eBay Stores Part I: Setting up an eBay Store
    The AuctionBytes series on setting up storefronts kicks off with eBay Stores. Nancy L. Hix explores the process of setting up an eBay Store, which turns out to be a breeze.
    Published: 2003/11/16
  2. eBay Stores Part 2: Seven Ways to Promote Your eBay Store
    The AuctionBytes series on setting up storefronts continues as Nancy L. Hix reviews seven ways to promote your eBay Store.
    Published: 2003/12/07
  3. Online Auction Storefront Series: Selling with a Vendio Store
    Online auction sellers often wish to set up their own "store" on the Internet. Nancy L. Hix continues her series on storefront with a review of Vendio Stores.
    Published: 2004/01/18
  4. Online Auction Storefront Series: Selling with an Auctionworks Store
    Nancy L. Hix continues her series on storefronts for online auction sellers. Today she reviews Auctionworks StoreFronts.
    Published: 2004/03/07
  5. eCommerce with ShopPalStores
    Nancy Hix continues her series on storefronts for online auction sellers. In today's issue, she takes a look at ShopPal Stores.
    Published: 2004/06/06
  6. eBay e-Loyalty Programs: Encouraging Repeat Sales
    eBay provides sellers with millions of eyeballs, but how do you get customers to return to your auctions? Read how two companies have created innovative ways to generate repeat business on eBay.
    Published: 2004/06/20
  7. Using Video in eBay and Yahoo Auctions
    If a picture can tell a thousand words, imagine what a video can do! As ecommerce grows up, sellers look for more sophisticated tools to help differentiate them from other online merchants. AuctionBytes takes a look at a service that promises to help increase interest in your auctions by adding video to your listings.
    Published: 2004/09/12
  8. Oddcast Creates Animated 'Pals' for eBay Auctions
    eBay sellers looking for a new way to communicate with potential bidders will find Oddcast service interesting. "SitePal for eBay" adds cartoon characters to eBay auctions to add a more human element and help explain products. Read Nancy Hix' review to learn more.
    Published: 2004/09/26
  9. eBay Live Attendees get 'Prepped' During Orientation Session
    The 2004 conference opened today with a Welcome to eBay Live! Orientation session held in the La Louisiane Ballroom. The conference theme “Leap into Learning” runs parallel to what many first time participants expect. The orientation session was a draw for many of them as they waited in queue for general conference registration.
    Published: 2004/06/24
  10. DOUA Hopes to Make eBay a Level Playing Field for Disabled Users
    With eBay Live in full swing, I'm standing now at the Disabled Online Users Association booth. Hundreds upon hundreds of visitors wend their way through an exhibit hall replete with sparkle and fanfare, faces revealing the allure of tokens, cards, and pins to be had.
    Published: 2004/06/25
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