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  1. British TV Program to Feature eBay Entrepreneurs
    Are you an eBay entrepreneur with big ideas and plans for the future? Then a British television company wants to talk to you...London-based "Ricochet" is making a programme on behalf of Britain's Channel 5.
    Published: 2005/02/17
  2. eBay Live Conference in Germany Postponed
    eBay Germany has confirmed to AuctionBytes that the planned eBay Live convention in Duesseldorf, Germany, originally scheduled for May 27 - 28 of this year, has now been postponed until "the first half of 2006."
    Published: 2005/03/21
  3. eBay Source for Papal Memorabilia
    The recent death of Pope John-Paul II and the election of Cardinal Ratzinger as Pope Benedict XVI seems to have boosted the incomes of quite a few eBay sellers. As the bells tolled in St Peters Square and the Cardinal stood on the balcony and boomed the name "Ratzinger!" to the waiting crowds, many eBay sellers were stocking up and getting their calculators out.
    Published: 2005/05/02
  4. German Program Televises Casino's Latest eBay Purchase
    It was the auction that broke eBay records. And now it was time to pay up. Benjamin Halbe, who sold a car on eBay that once belonged to Pope Benedict XVI, went on the live German TV show "Stern TV" (similar to the US's "60 Minutes") on Wednesday to collect his EUR 189,000 check from the new car owners, GoldenPalace Casino. The car was in the studio, the check was handed over and the casino got the keys.
    Published: 2005/05/20
  5. Revenge of the Wife - Lotus Esprit Turbo is Sold on eBay for 90 cents
    A British radio DJ is mourning the loss of his 25,000 pounds ($48,000) Lotus Esprit Turbo car after his outraged wife sold the car on eBay UK for the grand sum of 50 pence (90 US cents)
    Published: 2005/06/24
  6. eBay Germany Announces 2-Month Promotion in Media Category
    eBay Germany announced a special promotion that will run from September 1 through October 31, 2005. During this period, it will cost 1 Euro cent to place a listing on eBay for only fixed-price listings in certain books and media categories.
    Published: 2005/08/31
  7. Sellers Frustrated by eBay's Handling of Firefox
    A petition being circulated by Mozilla Firefox users highlights the problems faced by eBay users who don't use Internet Explorer (IE) as their default browser. The online petition, currently with over 1,000 signatures, urges eBay to support alternative browsers such as Firefox. Some of the complaints are that some features of the eBay site do not work properly when viewed with the Firefox browser, such as the selling page (SYI) where sellers write their auction titles and descriptions.
    Published: 2005/10/03
  8. Viewbix Transforms Passive Videos to Active Selling Machines
    What if you could place videos showing your eBay listings on your website, blog, social networking sites and other places around the Internet? And better yet, what if the eBay listing end times and current prices updated on the fly? Viewbix adds a new dimension to product marketing videos to turn viewers into shoppers and has plans for additional integration with eBay.
    Published: 2013/03/03
  9. ReBuy: A German Alternative for Disillusioned eBay Users
    ReBuy is taking a different approach to the online marketplace model by inserting itself in the process as a middleman. Mark O'Neill takes a look at how the German site works for buyers and sellers and how it's different from eBay and Amazon.
    Published: 2013/03/17
  10. Using Vine Videos in Ecommerce Marketing
    If you visit social networking sites, you've likely seen those 6-second videos that post in an endless loop, particularly popular on Twitter. What are they, how can you create them, and how are retailers using them to market their brands? Mark O'Neill takes a look in today's column.
    Published: 2013/04/21
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