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  1. eBay Wholesale List Scams: Buyer Beware
    I'm talking with a man named Gary, who is part of a group of people he calls "ambushers." He and other ambushers search auctions by the term "wholesale list," monitor eBay auctions, and then warn prospective and recent buyers that they are buying lists, usually called "wholesale lists," and not the actual items pictured in the auctions.
    Published: 2005/04/19
  2. Wiley and eBay Seller Dispute Events Leading up to Lawsuit
    Earlier this month, Wiley Publishing filed suit against Carlos Velasco for selling e-books protected by copyright.
    Published: 2005/05/02
  3. Interview with an eBay Scrimshaw Artist
    eBay Powerseller and scrimshaw artist Dave Stanbrough said eBay terminated two auctions for fossil walrus ivory scrimshaw last March because, according to the auction site, he had listed banned or prohibited items. Dave said the email notice cited eBay's policy on marine mammals and referred to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and their state wildlife regulatory agency.
    Published: 2005/05/06
  4. Turning Two, eBay's Anything Points Keeps on Growing
    At two years old, eBay's Anything Points program, the loyalty points exchange, continues to strengthen. It all began in May, 2003 with an announcement by eBay that a number of partner companies' frequent flyer miles or loyalty points could be converted to eBay "Anything Points" and used to purchase items on eBay given the purchaser paid via PayPal.
    Published: 2005/06/29
  5. Is eBay Hearing Sellers' Voices?
    In the spring of 1999, eBay created the Voices of the Community program in response to anger over the prohibition on firearms and the closing of live support boards. It began as a set of general-topic meetings with groups of eBay users � buyers, sellers and eBay employees.
    Published: 2004/06/21
  6. Shabby Chic Settles IP Lawsuit with eBay Sellers
    Shabby Chic settled the lawsuit brought by eBay sellers Karen Dudnikov and Michael Meadors, known by the eBay ID Tabberone. Tabberone filed the suit after Shabby Chic shut down an auction through eBay's VeRO program.
    Published: 2004/07/12
  7. A Look at Half, Part 2: Booksellers talk about where they will (and will not) go next
    In June, eBay delayed the closing date of Half.com from July 13 to October 14, saying in a letter that it would give sellers "additional time to transition your business to eBay." But are sellers moving business to eBay or simply finding other outlets?
    Published: 2004/08/12
  8. eBay Sellers Charged With Trademark Infringement
    Counterfeit merchandise sales continues to be a thorn in the side of eBay buyers and sellers, merchandise manufacturers and eBay itself. The Cartier International corporation and the Montblanc-Simplo corporation filed complaints in a California district court against eBay sellers Marina's Boutique Store, eBay ID mboutiquestore, and Verona Eyewear, eBay ID veronaeyewear, seeking damages for trademark infringement, trademark dilution and false advertising.
    Published: 2004/08/23