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  1. Collector's Corner: The Brimfield Flea Market
    Collector and dealer Marlene Earle recalls the excitement of New England's largest antiques show. Does Brimfield 2002 still hold the same mystique that it used to for an eBay afficianado?
    Published: 2002/10/06
  2. Collector's Corner: Cleaning and Repairing Advertising Memorabilia - Part 2
    In Part II of this Collectorís Corner, Editor Marlene Earle recalls her best auction find...and worst disaster.
    Published: 2000/04/23
  3. Cleaning and Repairing Advertising Memorabilia - Part I
    Marlene Earl gives some great tips on cleaning and repairing Advertising Memorabilia prior to putting it up for auction.
    Published: 2000/04/11
  4. Ask the Expert with Marlene Earle
    In a new feature, Marlene Earle answers a readerís question about a vintage Coke Machine. Have a question of your own? Email marlene@auctionbytes.com.
    Published: 2000/09/10