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  1. Eight Copy-Writing Tips for Getting Bids on Your Online Auctions
    Find out how a professional copywriter attacks the job of writing auction titles and descriptions. These eight tips will be sure to help you get bids on your items.
    Published: 2002/09/22
  2. The Lighter Side: Decoding Online Auction Listings
    ''RARE'', ''VINTAGE'' - What do these oft-used eBay terms really mean? Michael Banks takes a light-hearted look.
    Published: 2002/12/01
  3. eBay for Researchers: Mining Data in Online Auctions
    From books, catalogs, postcards and photographs, eBay inventory can reveal the history of people, places and things. Author Michael Banks shows us how eBay can be a researcher's goldmine.
    Published: 2003/01/05
  4. Small-Time eBay Scams & Annoyances
    Hoax emails are making the rounds, attempting to get people to reveal their private passwords and financial information. Michael A. Banks reports on some current scams directed at eBay users.
    Published: 2003/02/16
  5. Think Before You List: How to Choose Categories when Selling on eBay
    Why would you list an old magazine under the NASCAR category on eBay? Michael Banks shows that putting some thought into choosing categories could get you more bids and a higher selling price!
    Published: 2003/04/06
  6. Online Auction Sellers: Do Your Homework
    Michael A. Banks reminds us that it pays to do your homework when describing and pricing items up for sale on auction sites.
    Published: 2003/04/20
  7. Commentary: Charging eBay Handling Fees, Legitimate or Lies?
    Michael Banks takes a controversial stand on the topic of handling charges. While mail-order companies have long tacked on Shipping & Handling charges to their items, Michael questions this practice on eBay. Read about it and then visit our forums to weigh in on the issue.
    Published: 2005/03/20
  8. eBay Selling Strategy: How Much Is Your Time Worth?
    Do eBay sellers earn minimum wage? Michael Banks advises sellers to sell smarter, not harder, by calculating their hourly earnings and increasing their profits.
    Published: 2005/09/04
  9. Who's Watching Your eBay Auctions, and Why?
    Michael Banks explores the mystery of who is "watching" your eBay auctions. From IRS conspiracies to forgetful bidders, Michael tries on all theories. But humor aside, Michael reports that it can be useful to analyze why someone might add your listings to their Watch list and then never bid.
    Published: 2006/06/25
  10. The Very First Online Auctions
    Some people think AuctionWeb - now called eBay - was home of the first online auction. But Michael Banks shows us otherwise as he takes us back to the 1970s and 1980s for an online-auction history lesson.
    Published: 2006/08/20
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