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  1. Collectors Corner: Superman
    With a new movie to be released this summer, the Superman franchise is alive and well. Collectors Corner editor Michele Alice takes a look back at the two creators - you may be shocked at the price the duo received for the rights to their super hero - and takes a look at where the money is today in Superman collectibles.
    Published: 2013/05/19
  2. Collectors Corner: Corning Ware
    Who hasn't come across the Blue Cornflower pattern of Corning Ware, the dishware that took off in the late 1950s? Thanks to its durability and versatility, along with plenty of nostalgia, Corning Ware has become a popular collectible. Here are some things you should know.
    Published: 2013/06/02
  3. Collectors Corner: Corning Glass Dinnerware
    While most people think of Corelle when they think of Corning Glass dishes, there's a lot more to this dinnerware than you might think. In today's column, Michele Alice dishes up their history and explains what makes them collectible, and even shares a video showing how they're manufactured.
    Published: 2013/06/23
  4. Collectors Corner: Butter Pat Plates
    Butter pat plates evoke images of Victorian era tables set with ornate elegance. Today collectors are crazy about these miniature works of art that are generally easy to display and affordable to acquire.
    Published: 2013/07/07
  5. Collectors Corner: The Magnetic Compass
    From ancient times, people have looked for ways to orient themselves, literally, and the magnetic compass has seen many changes over the course of time. But what should you look for when trolling for treasures at yard sales and auctions? Michele Alice has some advice that could net you hundreds or thousands of dollars if you get lucky.
    Published: 2013/08/11
  6. Collectors Corner: Vintage Office Supplies
    Mining yard, estate, and liquidation sales for vintage office supplies is not only fun, but can be profitable as well, as Michele Alice explains in today's Collectors Corner column. The types of ordinary items that people collect may surprise you.
    Published: 2013/08/25
  7. Collectors Corner: Ring My Bell
    Today's Collectors Corner column will have your ears ringing. Michele Alice explains the appeal of bells and which ones have collectors chiming for more.
    Published: 2013/09/08
  8. Collectors Corner: Vacuum Cleaners
    Vacuum cleaners revolutionized housekeeping in the 20th century, and many today would be lost without one. Its history harks back to the 1800s with the development of the first patented carpet sweepers and manually operated vacuum cleaners. Today's Collectors Corner column may have you pausing before you sweep by vacuums at your next yard sale.
    Published: 2013/09/22
  9. Collectors Corner Spatterware and Spongeware
    Collectors are attracted to Spatterware and Spongeware pottery not only for their variety, but for the handmade, folk-art quality of the designs. As Collectors Corner Editor Michele Alice explains, no two pieces are exactly alike.
    Published: 2013/10/20
  10. Collectors Corner: Classic Toys - Colorforms, Tiddlywinks, Mouse Trap
    This month, new toys will be inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame. What better time to take a look at three favorites that haven't earned that distinction thusfar but are, nevertheless, classic toys worthy of attention from collectors.
    Published: 2013/11/03
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