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  1. Selling Strategies: Getting Started with Email Marketing
    Email marketing is easy, inexpensive and one of the most effective ways for online sellers to boost sales, but it's important to take all the right steps when setting up your system. Lisa Suttora review the basics of email marketing, and today in Part 1, she reveals some important steps and covers fifteen criteria for choosing the right email marketing tool. A great refresher course for experienced marketers, too.
    Published: 2009/07/12
  2. Getting Started with Email Marketing Part 2 - Creating an Irresistible Opt-in
    Email marketing is an important way online retailers can build an ongoing relationship with current customers and attract new customers. Today in Part 2 of this series, Lisa Suttora covers the right way to build a verified "opt-in" subscriber list. Why do you need to get into the "email marketing mindset"? What is "WIIFM"? Find out answers to these questions and more so that you can build a quality list to drive sales and generate repeat business.
    Published: 2009/08/09
  3. Getting Started with Email Marketing Part 3 - Build Customer Relationships & Sell!
    Marketing guru Lisa Suttora wraps up her three-part series on email marketing for online retailers by explaining how to create an effective email marketing newsletter that serves customers, builds a relationship with them and as a result, sells your products.
    Published: 2009/09/06
  4. For Online Sellers, Trends Hold the Key to Increased Sales
    Product-sourcing can be an online seller's biggest challenge. While the latest fads may provide you with a short-term financial windfall, they may also leave you holding the bag on products consumers are no longer interested in. Lisa Suttora explains that trends are much more valuable indicators of consumer intentions, explains the difference, and outlines ways to actively look for trends to help you increase your sales.
    Published: 2010/07/25
  5. How to Market Your Ecommerce Site with WordPress Blogs - Part One
    There is a lot of talk about the benefits of blogging for your ecommerce business, but what if you don't know where to start, or are skeptical whether it would really pay off for you? AuctionBytes is running a multi-part series aimed at answering those questions. Lisa Suttora first discusses the benefits of content marketing, then explains how to set up a WordPress blog (and why she believes it's the best blogging platform for online sellers). In the next issue, Lisa will provide more information on gearing up your blog and will reveal simple steps for creating great content - even if you don't like to write!
    Published: 2010/08/22
  6. Where to Host Your WordPress Blog (Sidebar)
    As part of our series on the benefits of blogging for your ecommerce business, Lisa Suttora reveals the nitty-gritty of selecting a host for your WordPress blog. Don't worry about the number of choices - Lisa breaks it down to help you figure out which one is right for you.
    Published: 2010/08/22
  7. How to Market Your Ecommerce Site with WordPress Blogs - Part Two
    AuctionBytes returns with Part Two of our series on how to market your ecommerce site with WordPress blogs. First, five tips for keeping it short and simple, along with 10 more tips to help you publish creative, engaging content - everything you need to connect with your readers while marketing your business!
    Published: 2010/09/12
  8. Optimizing Your WordPress Blog with Plug-ins (Sidebar)
    As part of our series on the benefits of blogging for your ecommerce business, we share information on how to use plug-ins that can make your life a lot easier when administering and marketing your WordPress blog.
    Published: 2010/09/12