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  1. Seven Tips for Running an eBay Consignment Business
    Lu Paletta runs an eBay drop-off store in Austin, Texas, and has seen it all, from Lego toys to vacuum cleaners. In "Seven Tips for Running an eBay Consignment Business," Lu shares some tips for keeping an online consignment business on track, whether you are a Trading Assistant or a Brick & Mortar storefront.
    Published: 2004/08/22
  2. eBay Consignment Strategy: Helping Non-Profits with Fundraising
    If you are looking for inventory to sell on eBay, here's a source you may not have thought of: selling donated items for non-profit organizations. Lu Paletta, who owns a drop-off store, gives some tips on helping non-profits with fundraising on eBay.
    Published: 2004/10/10
  3. iOffer: Negotiated Ecommerce as an eBay Alternative
    Somewhere between online auctions and classifies are negotiated commerce sites. Today Lu Paletta takes a look at iOffer and explains how she uses it in her consignment business.
    Published: 2004/11/21
  4. International eBay Sales: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
    International bidders can boost eBay prices, but they also bring a slew of challenges to the U.S. seller. Lu Paletta takes us on a tour of international trading on eBay.
    Published: 2005/04/03