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  1. eBay Drop-Off Stores News Roundup, February 2, 2005
    An eBay drop-off store reported it has filed for bankruptcy. A notice on the store's Website reads, "Due to circumstances beyond our control, Door to Door Auctions Inc. has been forced to close its business and is in the process of filing Bankruptcy."
    Published: 2005/02/02
  2. eBay Drop-Off Stores News for February 16, 2005
    Orbit Drop Inc. has recently acquired Success Direct TV. Orbit Drop plans to utilize their experience in direct-to-consumer television marketing to promote their franchise program, while also selling Direct TV's products on the Orbit Drop website.
    Published: 2005/02/16
  3. eBay Drop-Off Stores News for February 23, 2005
    QuikDrop has authorized Robert Golub to open 20 franchise drop-off stores in Eastern Massachusetts. Although there is no information about when the first of these stores will open, four new QuikDrop locations have recently opened
    Published: 2005/02/23
  4. eBay Drop-Off Stores News for March 15, 2005
    AuctionSeller-UK, based in Mold, Wales, recently launched a nationwide UK consignment company. Although modeled after US eBay drop-off stores, AuctionSeller-UK has tailored its business to the British market.
    Published: 2005/03/15
  5. eBay Consignment Corner- News Roundup 3/25/05
    OrbitDrop has opened its first eBay drop-off location in France. The new store, in the Champs-Elyesses area, is located at 37 bid rue de Ponthieu, Paris. The store will function in the same way as OrbitDropā€™s franchised drop-off stores located within the United States.
    Published: 2005/03/25
  6. eBay Consignment Corner - News Roundup 4/12/05
    OrbitDrop has hired Paul Davies to be Executive Vice President. Earlier this week, they also moved into a new 8000 sq. ft. facility which will act as corporate headquarters and warehouse space for storing items to be sold to the public. The new location is at 145 Manufacturing Street, Dallas, TX.
    Published: 2005/04/12
  7. eBay Consignment Corner - News Roundup April 26, 2005
    Yard Sale Drop Off (YSDO) recently announced an alliance with Universal Express Inc. (USXP). YSDO franchise owners will be able to drop off consignment items sold on eBay at any of the 8000 USXP postal stores.
    Published: 2005/04/27
  8. eBay Consignment Corner- News Roundup May 23, 2005
    eBay Consignment Corner: Net2Auction, Inc, who recently began trading under the stock symbol NAUC, has announced 8 new drop-off locations. This takes the franchise consignment company to 14 locations within Pack & Ship retail stores throughout California. Their 2005 expansion plan includes 75 nationwide locations by the end of the year.
    Published: 2005/05/23
  9. eBay Consignment Corner- News Roundup June 9, 2005
    AuctionDrop, a leading franchise consignment company, has been contracted to sell a YogaForce sweatshirt signed by pop icon Jessica Simpson. The 7-day eBay listing (item # 7520963228) will end on June 9 with all proceeds benefiting The Skin Cancer Foundation.
    Published: 2005/06/09
  10. eBay Consignment Corner- News Roundup June 20th, 2005
    Cain McKnight has resigned as CEO for Orbit Drop. The Texas-based franchise consignment company named Alan Weinstein as his immediate replacement. Weinstein has 35 years of experience in business and finance, particularly in the specialty, franchise and department store retail industry.
    Published: 2005/06/20
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