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  1. eBay Sellers: Do you need a license to sell online?
    Selling online at auctions and reside in the state of Tennessee? You need an auctioneer's license and special escrow account. At least, that's what the Tennessee Attorney General's office is saying. And that's not the only state that's cracking down on existing state laws and applying them to the Internet.
    Published: 2005/02/25
  2. Illinois Registers eBay as an Online Auction Listing Service
    Escrow accounts and continuing education are not terms one usually associates with online auctions, but in at least one state, eBay Trading Assistants may soon be in for a rude awakening.
    Published: 2005/03/07
  3. Illinois Says eBay Trading Assistants Need Auctioneers License
    Kathy Greer continues her look at states that are regulating eBay sellers and drop-off stores. Today, she reports on what the state of Illinois is doing to license auction sites and sellers.
    Published: 2005/03/06
  4. eBay Live Auctions Snafu Results in More Than Lost Dollars
    In a world where brick and mortar auctions are often accompanied by online catalogs and "live" Internet bidding, it would appear few considered what might happen if that technology failed. Yet that is exactly what happened on Saturday, October 21st when one or more servers at eBay which support the live auction component of the site went down at approximately 11AM EST. At 11:24 AM eBay acknowledged the technical difficulties by generating a system announcement saying the situation would be resolved "as quickly as possible."
    Published: 2006/11/15
  5. New Hampshire May Exempt eBay Consignment Sellers from Regulation
    When New Hampshire representative John Hunt of Rindge, NH submitted legislation that would exempt residents selling at online auctions such as eBay from being required to obtain a New Hampshire auctioneer's license, he says he had no idea what opposition he might face from existing licensed auctioneers.
    Published: 2007/02/28
  6. eBay Mulling Changes to Deal with State Regulation
    One of the most fascinating pieces of testimony to surface at the New Hampshire House Executive Departments and Administration committee hearing on HB 544 on February 22, 2007, which I wrote about last week, was delivered by the Chairman of the NH Board of Auctioneers, the licensing authority. Charles Clougherty had just returned from Arizona after attending a seminar on February 12 sponsored by the National Auctioneers Association.
    Published: 2007/03/05