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  1. Looming Postal Strike in Canada Could Hit Online Sellers
    Online sellers face shipping disruption if the Canadian postal union strikes next week.
    Published: 2011/05/19
  2. For Zoovy, Sears Integration Continues Shift toward Marketplaces
    Zoovy CEO Brian Horakh talks about the decision to integrate his ecommerce software platform with Sears' third-party marketplace and what types of sellers do well on the platform, and discusses the future of ecommerce and marketplace selling.
    Published: 2011/05/20
  3. Online Sellers Relax, No Postal Strike in Canada for Now
    Online sellers worried that a looming postal strike would disrupt their business in Canada can breathe a sigh of relief - at least for now.
    Published: 2011/05/26
  4. Court Sends USPS Rate Hike Petition Back to PRC
    A U.S. court of appeals has dealt the regulatory authority that oversees the U.S. Postal Service a partial setback, ruling that it must re-examine its decision to block a proposed rate increase.
    Published: 2011/05/30
  5. Canada Postal Strike to Impact Online Sellers
    A strike by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers will impact online sellers gradually as the union squares off with Canada Post.
    Published: 2011/06/03
  6. eBay Suspends Cash-Back Affiliate Programs
    eBay suspended its affiliate program run through cash-back sites such as eBates, BigCrumb and FatWallet. It will resume the program in October, and declined to estimate the effect of the move on traffic to its website.
    Published: 2011/06/14
  7. Amid Pension Cuts at USPS, Issa Introduces Postal Reform Act
    One day after the USPS announced it would stop its employer contribution to the Federal Employees Retirement System, new legislation was introduced that would enact sweeping reforms of the troubled postal system.
    Published: 2011/06/27
  8. Postal Service to Resume in Canada as Back-to-Work Law Passes
    Mail is moving again in Canada to the relief of online sellers after legislators passed a back-to-work bill following Canada Post's worker lockout.
    Published: 2011/06/28
  9. PayPal Says Mostly Unaffected by Fed Rules on Debit Card Interchange Rates
    The Federal Reserve Board on Wednesday issued its final rule on restructuring the interchange fees merchants pay debit card issuers for processing payments, arriving at a rate cap system that is far more favorable to the banking industry than the panel's original proposal.
    Published: 2011/06/30
  10. Payment Provider Skrill Takes Aim at U.S. Market
    Skrill, a popular international payment system provider based in London, is gearing up for a full-service launch in the United States, where it figures to be a prominent competitor to PayPal.
    Published: 2011/07/01
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