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  1. Collector's Corner: A Collection with Special Meaning
    Karen Catalioto talks about the factors that have influenced her collecting activities. From Precious Moments figurines, which she began collecting in her early 20s, to the rubber stamps she now collects, all of Karen's collectibles hold special meaning to her.
    Published: 2002/11/03
  2. Collector's Corner: Precious Moments Figurines
    Those pretty little figurines with the teardrop-shaped eyes have stolen many hearts over the years. Karen Catalioto shares her love of Precious Moments figurines in today's Collector's Corner column.
    Published: 2003/07/27
  3. Collector's Corner: Rubber Stamping: History & Collecting Craze
    Rubber stamps come in all shapes and sizes and are the mainstay of a fun hobby. Many stampers are also collectors. Find out more about rubber stamp collecting in today's Collector's Corner article.
    Published: 2003/09/07
  4. Collector's Corner: Tiger Beat Magazine: Withstanding the Test of Time
    Remember the days of high school crushes and teen idols? Maybe a Tiger Beat magazine will help you remember. Karen Catalioto reports that Tiger Beat still starts teen beats thumping with its hearthrob photos almost 40 years from its debut.
    Published: 2003/10/19
  5. Collector's Corner: View-Master, the Battery-Powered Postcard
    View-Master successfully spanned generations, first as a keeper of vacation memories, later as a toy. Learn all about these photographic wonders in today's Collector's Corner column.
    Published: 2003/11/02